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The Executive & Parent Volunteer Committee

Head Coach: Penny Lecour [email protected]

Age Group Coach: Pierre Simard [email protected]

President: Julie Grenier [email protected]

Vice President: Justin Wall [email protected]

Treasurer: Craig Paralovos [email protected]

Secretary: Carine Corbeil [email protected]

Travel Coordinator: Marketa Mervart [email protected]

Officials Coordinator: James Kilroy [email protected]

Equipment Manager: Heather Paralovos [email protected]

Fundraising Coordinator/Swim-a-Thon: Amanda Partenaude [email protected]

Room Booking Coordinator: Marni Szewczyk [email protected]

Webmaster: Ed Hong [email protected]

Registrar: Allison Denomme [email protected]

Media Liaison: Ed Hong [email protected]

Social Coordinator: Tara DiBartolomeo [email protected]

Meet Manager: Craig Paralovos [email protected]

Team Photography: Erin Lainevool [email protected]

Don't hesitate to email us if you have a question! For additional info on these positions please refer to the forms tab for descriptions and the parents tab for points.